Everglow Lighting Co., Ltd.
Everglow Lighting Co., Ltd.


Everglow Lighting is a professional company engaged in LED Light manufacturing, distributing and product testing and product maintenance. The company owns professional test facilities, which can provide LED testing service for LED businesses and consumers.

Everglow Lighting is heavily involved in electronic products. The company owns an overseas site in Shenzhen, China. The company played a role in the Chinese CCTV security market. In the 1990s', the company started security product manufacture and its products are widely accepted. The company's products are used in many commercial and government projects in China. Since 2006, the company observed the potential trend and future for LED lighting. As a result, the company switched its R & D work to LED lighting, and has tackled various technical issues on behalf of the manufactures.



Portside Business Park

Port Melbourne VIC 3207

BP Petrol Station

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  • Q Does Everglow Lighting sell products online?

    A Unfortunately, we do not sell products online.
  • Q What type of maintenance service does Everglow Lighting offer?

    A We offer maintenance service on LED lights repair, refurbishment, components replacement and upgrade. Please feel free to contact us for detail.
  • Q What kind of LED lighting products does Everglow Lighting offer?

    A Our product range include: indoor and outdoor LED lights for both commercial and domestic use, as well as specialized LED lighting products.


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